CK Interiors is an Interior Design firm having sixteen years of hands-on experience in every aspect of this field.

  • Interior Design that comes with Imagination & Daring: The most talked about designs have much more inputs than mere knowledge. Like a whiff of innovation breathing energy, or the swish of cutting-edge detailing the flavour & fervour of new designs, we at CK; take frequent ‘leaps of faith’ while devising a concept. We believe that our designs must excite, invigorate and thrill everyone.
  • Design that accomplishes thoughts with action, Heart and Hands: The heart is for longing, yearning, giving and the hands to make this possible. We at CK have both, a heart that indulges with passionate involvement in projects and hands that make things happen.
  • A moment that sustains for years: Design is meant to live on, to become a metaphor and a reminder of the beautiful side of life. CK Interiors is a firm that sticks to principles and ethics when we take on a project.

Milind Chingale, Director

Rakesh Kadam, Director

About the Principal :
Interior Designer’s Milind Chingle & Rakesh Kadam have together successfully completed more than two hundred projects till date. They believe that creation is one aspect of Interior Design and its scope extends to every aspect of life itself.

Design is Tomorrow:
Designs can also be expressed as visions of life and that is why our layouts truly signify elegance, smart, trendy and hence we call them ‘Time frames of Design’. Time stands to change constantly and design must evolve with it. We go one step further and aim to integrate in evolution with time and beyond it. It is the sign that our designs keep up with internationally acclaimed style and taste.

Aims and Ideals of CK Interiors:

CK Interiors undertake residential and commercial projects with following ideals and beliefs.

  • Create designs with a theme adopting a particular purpose or use, keeping in mind conceptual needs of the client.
  • Considering the economical factors involved with the projects.
  • Creating an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.