The way we work…

Design is “The arrangement of lines or forms which make up the plan of act with special regards to the proportions, structures, moment and beauty of the work“.

Taking into account the personnel needs of the client such as physical, emotional, spiritual and practical, it is always envisaged right from the beginning of a design to the completion; irrespective of whether it’s a residential or commercial project. Human needs for comfort, security, privacy and aesthetic satisfaction are always considered.

Method of work:

Stage 01: Job: Residential / Commercial / Industrial.

Stage 02: Preliminary discussion with client – His ideas, requirements and budget.

Stage 03: Site visit confirming plot location.

Stage 04: Site measurements, location details and listing clients expectations.

Stage 05: Preparation of basic layout, typical details and formation of an approximate budget plan.

Stage 06: Design approval and budget approval with confirmation advance from the client.

Stage 07: Working out quantities, work stages and time bound action plan.

Stage 08: Appointment of agencies after negotiating item rates.

Stage 09: Selection of vendors for quality materials, inventory schedule and regular supply.

Stage 10: Approval of colours and choice material from the client.

Stage 11: Commencement of work at site with weekly performance report.

Stage 12: Presentation of fortnightly bill to the client as per quantities received from agencies.

Stage 13: Accommodation of incidental changes or additional work suggested by the client at site.

Stage 14: Preparing fresh layouts and details for execution of additional work.

Stage 15: Preparation and presentation of final bill of work before handing over the site to the client.